Regular Member...
Joined BZP: 2005
Joined BZPC: October 2009
Aliases: Zeek, from LJ >.< Feek, from QQQQ
Hobbies: Life. I'm Rather Fond of it.
Pronunciation of Current Name: zee-koh

Ziko is a guy on BZPC. He is a normal member. His automatic name from Xat was WuddleFoot. He's been a member for about a month. Maybe more.

Stuff Edit

Ziko is known for somehow killing the chat at odd times. He posts, and nobody else does. Also, he is often the only non-staff present in the chat. This has happened less, recently. He also will go into Doodle, and be followed by a bunch of other guys.

Ziko=Arc? Edit

On November 25, 2009, Arc gave Ziko a spritesheet in his new kit. He didn't like the first two avs that Ziko made with it, but Ziko ended up using a pre-made picture that arc had put in the kit. It involved Arc holding a gun to Ziko. Arc requested the use of the av, and Ziko gave it to him. THey then changed their names to Ziko Was Caught! and Arc Caught Ziko. As the confusion set in, one member discovered that Arc and Ziko could be told apart by the fact that Ziko wasn't a mod. Jahli then proceeded to make Ziko a mod, confusing everybody when Ziko and Arc changed their names to Ziko Might Be Arc and Arc Might Be Ziko. This is the only printscreen of the event. After a while, Jahli put Ziko's member group back to normal, and he went offline for bed.

Persona Edit

Ziko, being friends with Kothra from BZP, often tells Koth to make comics, or change his username away from something with weird emoticons, namely the licking one.

He'll also take something that somebody said and reverse it.

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