The (Toa) Zehvor are a BZP based group that have expanded into The BZPC. They consist of over 15 members, but only a handful of that number are on The BZPC. Still, with just over a third of their number located there, they are still the largest group on the chat.


The Zehvor originally consisted of 8 members: MT, Sonu, Levacius, Brenmac, Tarakavarbiter, Assassin, Gorgnak, and Dakama. They were formed after Levacius' group, the Order for a Pure BZP, dissolved due to a long flame war with another BZP group known as the Raptors. MT originally named the group TOFABBZP, because of a lack of creativity. MT's new band didn't take long to pick up where Lev's left off, as they encountered and proceeded to demolish a huge faction with over 100 members, known as the Terrak-led Vahki. After the Vahki were destroyed, MT renamed the group, "Zehvor," the name that Brenmac had given to the characters in MT's story.

After this, the group took on the Vahki twice more, and obliterated a group of smaller Vahki lead by MT's arch nemesis, Krana Kongu (now 'noob'). MT nearly fought a third Vahki war, but this was broken up by the staff. MT also got the Zehvor's first allies during this time with the "High Vahki," led by Tenebrae Invictus(then known as Mangekyou Itachi). The High Vahki eventually majorly dissolved however, leaving only Tenebrae as an ally.

Several copycat teams soon rose up, first the Seneca, and then the Kendan. The Zehvor eventually made allies with the Kendan, due to Mesonak being on the team, but never became friends with the Seneca, and they remain on edge with the Seneca to this day. Eventually, the Kendan turned into the Ventorus, which lasted for a little while but crumbled as soon as the Zehvor recruited Mesonak from the group.

Zehvor based projectsEdit

Since the Zehvor's creation, multiple projects have been based around the team, including two stories, "Aftermath," and, "Almost There," with a third story being in production. MT, along with MoC and Mesonak at first, and then later the entire team, created an actual production "studio" of sorts called Omega Turtle Studios (or Omega Turtles Studios according to MoC), or OTS. OTS has been responsible for the two Zehvor stories, as well as MT's lone epic, "TBTTRAH: Vundas," the popular MoC (Nice to know I have fans =D) authored comic series, "OTS Comics," and more.

The MembersEdit


(High Command)

(Other Members)
Mr. Matoro


  • Tenebrae Invictus: The (self proclaimed) greatest guy ever that ended up on MT's best friend list-block on his blog twice
  • TTV: The Three Virtues, a podcast with one of the Zehvor on it already

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