Yami was once the evil ruler of all dark beings. He is now the one responsible for slow internet everywhere, contrary to those who believe in Evil Lord Serverload. He is also yummy. Except on Sundays and holidays. Then he tastes terrible. <--All of the different forms Yami has taken


The story of how Yami went from being a relatively unheard of villian, to the ruler of all dark beings, to the person who makes the internet lag.

Attack on the Celestial PlainEdit

Yami was a relatively unheard of evil being that used to live on the moon. He lived in relative peace, occasionally annoying the occasional local tribe, which was referred to as the "Moon Tribe." However, that all changed when he found the Ark of Yamato, which was a huge flying boat with awesome see through blue sails, built by a member of the Moon Tribe called Waka.

Yami took an army of the demons he was commanding and snuck aboard the ark, hiding inside and hoping to be taken somewhere better than the moon. It happened, eventually. Waka took the ark to the Celestial Plain, which was under attack by Orochi, a huge 8 headed snake. Waka landed the ark and began fighting Orochi alongside a wolf known as Amaterasu. However, Orochi was apparently unbeatable, and Waka evacuated the celestials into the ark while Amaterasu distracted Orochi.

When the Ark had left the Celestial Plains, Yami and his army ambushed Waka and the Celestials aboard the ark. The Ark was damaged and crashed into a lake on Earth, where it froze over. All the Celestials were killed, but Waka managed to escape, going into hiding. A century plus later, Orochi was killed by Amaterasu, meaning Yami got his position as the ruler of all evil beings. Yami continued to send demons out into the world, which is where Nancy Pelosi, David Letterman, and the people who created PETA came from.

Rematch Aboard the ArkEdit

Another 100 years later, Amaterasu and Waka found the Ark and entered it, attempting to fight Yami in a final battle. However, Amaterasu was badly injured, and Yami fired what would be the finishing blow. However, Waka sacrificed himself and gave Amaterasu another chance to fight Yami. This time the wolf came out on top, knocking Yami down. However, Yami was only pretending, and surprise attacked Amaterasu, beating her within an inch of her life again. Then some weird stuff happened and Amaterasu became super powerful and pwned Yami. Waka turned out to not be dead after all, and he and Amaterasu flew the Ark of Yamato back to the Celestial Plain where they partied eternally.

Yami's New JobEdit

However, Yami was not finished. He was assigned to making the internet slow, which he did with a vengeance, hoping to regain his power as ruler of all evil beings. This was going very smoothly, DSL companies and Comcast were receiving tons of calls about internet problems, when he came across Sonu, deputy of the Zehvor. Sonu decided to try and eat Yami, which surprisingly worked. It was then found out that Yami only tastes bad on Sundays and Holidays, which are the only times he dares to show up.

Yami continues his job in secret, and when he gets the chance, he makes BZP extremely slow to exact some revenge on Sonu. He is the current leader of all internet villains, including Tabuu and the X army.

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