The Uug Species, or Jello Monsters are a species of odd purplish blob-like creatures. Ther have names that are almost all a word scramble of Weguu. They tend to have Pokemon bodies, save Weguu.

List of Uugs Known to ManEdit

  • Weguu (#28)- Donned by whoever wants to, mostly Q or Arby; named by Q
    • Advanced Weguu (#1385)
  • Uuweg (#1585)- Donned by Tenebrae Invictus; named by himself
    • Spartan 1337 Uuweg (#430)
  • Egwuu
  • Ewguu (#1718)- Donned by Arby
  • Uugwe
  • Guweg (#1665)
  • Uegwu (#1737)
  • Weugg (#1719)
  • Guwee (#1529)
  • Guewg
  • Penguu - Donned by iPenguin; named by himself
  • Wuuge - named by iPenguin
  • Guewe - donned by arby;named by arby
  • Ewugu
  • Guuew - donned by Venom; named by himself
  • Geewun - (#1701)

Many of the Uug species were named by Tenebrae Invictus. We are also recording the default av numbers we are using.


  • Weguusaur
  • Uuwegosaurus
  • Wuugeraptor
  • Ewugusaur
  • Gueweceratops
  • Guewgosaur

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