This it The Tale of Jedi, as told by Eljay.

The Tale Edit

One upon a time, in a Xat close by, was a member named Jedibot. He was 12 at the time, and was a trouble maker. One day, he made two other accounts. One was called Hotrod, who was his best friend, and Hotrod's 11 year old sister, Elita 1. They started coming to the chat.

But then, one day, a distressed Hotrod comes to the chat! The members ask him whats wrong, and he says that he was looking at Jedi and Elita... "Having fun." Now, Jedi was a YEAR OLDER, 12. And Elita was 11. They were law breakers! So, they come to the chat, and they admit it. So, after some hard conversation, all three were banned as the chat found out Jedi was using all three accounts! And it seemed like the end for now.

But Jedi got unbanned, and things started again. Jedi became a girl under the name of Jedia, and started using avs of "it" on the toilet, and in the shower. It and Anon made "jokes" of Anon receiving Jedia's leftovers. It got to be so much that Jedia was banned. All was at "peace..."

Until it-I mean, he got unbanned. This time, he took it as far as to start screwing around with Gavla and Venom. That was the last straw, and he was banned for even longer, and hopefully for good...

And now all is a peac-OH CRAP HE'S UNBANNED AGAIN! What will happen this time, we will have to wait and see...

And the tale continues! The young (as he claimed, older) noob seemed to get better... But then, as the BZPC closed, he came to the Awesomesauce's chat. He started fighting with Venom, being his old self. When the BZPC came back, he was invited. He caused a fight between Anon and Venom, lying like the little scummy scum scum he is. Venom and Anon became friends, and did the best thing even to happen to the Awesomesauce's chat and the BZPC...

They owned his face to infinity and beyond.

And to this day, Jedibot is banned. Now we wait to see what will happen next...

In... The Twilight wiki.

This has been the tale of Jedibot, the biggest noob this side of xat.

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