Many of us know the End of BZPC, and the Aftermath was not very devastating; in fact, many people liked the new Invictus Era, to Invictus's dismay. He had hoped BZPC would be restored and he would not have to lead the chat as head honcho anymore. For six days after the End, everyone was harbored on BZPC2. Venom visited occasionally, and debated BZPC's fate on the Comic Makers' chat and the Awesomesauces' chat. On BZPC2 Invictus solely ruled as head admin, with only 4 admins, 3 of which came from the BZPC1's previous staff from the Second Reset.

Venom finally had an answer. He decided he would basically make BZPC a second Awesomesauces; he picked who was on the chat, and actual staff power did not mean much. He revelead the plan January 20, 2010 and many people came and viewed BZPC1. Only few were accepted, such as Varderan, Jedibot, Star, Meso, GJ, Invictus and Dar, so far.

Invictus kept rule of BZPC2. Venom would rule the original BZPC, the now private chat for Venom's contacts, and BZPC2 handled all the members, chattys, bannys and noobs from pre-BZPCataclysm and the future.

And so that was the current status of the BZPCs.