The Brain's QQQQ
Weak Lozer
Joined BZP: November 2001
Joined BZPC April 28, 2009

Once called The QQQQ, this mysterious being is the greatest in all of the BZPC odd cases, and the librarian of the BZPC Wiki.

The QQQQ has invented many famous words for BZPC like Feek, olook, ono, makka, banny, kikit, and mor.

History (Under Qonstruction)Edit

Venom EraEdit

Darth CyberStrike first appeared on BZPC after reading a BZPblog post from Mesonak. [Insert all the other stuff that happened so long ago that the QQQQ forgot it and never wrote about whens we actually remembered it.]

Dream EraEdit

The QQQQ was somehow picked to lead the new BZPC Reborn. It sadly failed just as the previous attempt did. After this failure QQQQ stopped visiting Xat.

Summer EraEdit

In 2013, Once again QQQQ was led to TheBZPC by Mesonak. It had come lifed again, then die again. Once again, QQQQ is the only one left to watch the chat. In 2014 they retired from QQQQing.


QQQQ is actually a cactus that has gained the ability to think, type, and speak utter nonsense.

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