The "Great Chat Rescue," as named by Eljay, was a series of events, almost a virtual war, that broke out between ~Starparu 411~, Eljay, and MT vs. a group of Anons.


The backdrop to the rescue is fairly simple. Somehow, Aho and a group of her Anon friends made their way to BZPC. They didn't get along well with either Venom, Star or MT, mainly due to their incessant complaining. The group did find friends in some other BZPCians, though, including Zonis and Kiotu. MT and Aho got into a huge argument, which Tenebrae Invictus ended, claiming that Aho had won. MT was a little ticked by the new group, and started searching for how a group of complainers could find so much favor.

The Rescue BeginsEdit

The next day, BZPC had become a total spam board due to Aho and her friends, Desu, Lih, MK, and T-K. Star came to MT, wondering how they could get rid of the spammers, or at least get them to stop spamming. Star eventually came up with this plan: He would pose as a new BZPCian and jump into the middle of one of Desu's rants about the rules, and then question his motives to see why he really hated them. MT doubted that anyone would fall for it, but, as it turns out, everyone did. The plan worked to perfection, and soon Starparu had many screens of them complaining, cussing, and insulting Venom and MT.

Eljay's ReturnEdit

Eljay, who had left the BZPC recently, came back to help MT and Star. He began yelling at K-T and Aho, who had not ceased spamming. K-T almost immediately shut up, while Aho took a little while longer to silence. But then...


Venom came online, and MT and Star proceeded to show him the screens. He was convinced and proceeded to ban all of Aho's group that was online, leaving MT with the instructions to ban both Desu and Lih on site. MT found Desu about 20 minutes later and banned him, while Lih went into hiding and has not been seen on BZPC since.


Star and MT were invited to KTM's chat, where they were hailed more or less as heroes and began partying with KTM, Kylus, Mesonak, and MoC.