The BZPC is the latest public BZPC. It is the one currently in use.

How it started Edit

People voted in a poll on who should run BZPC: MT, Ven, or Invi, or have Ven & Invi work together. Out of the 10 or so votes, a merge dominated by 6.

Venom created the chat and pm'd Invi a request to join with the password in it to grant him main owner access. He accepted, however, he still remains at BZPC2 as well because there are some people who are loyal to BZPC.


The staff on TheBZPC are not the most desirable. As Eljay put it, the situation is 'the wrong people in power'.
QQQQ also left after the creation of TheBZPC.
But then the constitution was created and good mods are there now. Except the ones Venom picks, cause he can't pick a good mod to save his life.


After 2010 TheBZPC became died. It had many temporary revivals over the next three years.

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