The "Boobies" Argument was an argument. A few Members witnessed it. This event happened on Wednesday 17, 2010.

How it started Edit

It all started when Venom said "Boobies". Venom was quickly kicked. Venom began to say that "boobies" is not a bad word and that its is a bird. The bird is called "Blue-footed Booby". It was at that point where everyone present began to take sides.

Here is are pics of the incident:

Invi fails at owning Venom (What isnt seen, is that Venom said "Yes, chant my name")

Venom trolls

How it ended Edit

The argument slowly faded.

The Dar Section Edit

Crappiest argument ever

The Pok Section Edit

Yo venom what the efs up with his power levels?

Sonu Section Edit


The Kahnoa Section Edit

EPIC, Venom is EPIC,

Invictus Section Edit

I was angry? What? Where? Why? When? How?
THE VENOM SUCKS or whatever I put was making fun of everyone chanting his name during the time.
Please realize that he never won, because it dragged on from "boobies" that were drawn in doodle that were not birds whatsoever but female human breasts - and Venom made a great attempt at reasoning about saying it.

^This --The Master Of All Green 18:56, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

The MT SectionEdit

Wow. Whoever changed the title should probably change it back before MoC sees it.

Basically I have to agree with Q. Is this really necessary?

Of course it isn't necessary. Kahnoa just created it so he could kiss up to Venom some more. --The Master Of All Green 22:33, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

The Lecro sectionEdit

Lecro just sat back and enjoyed it

Var SectionEdit

Eh I would consider this Pointless Page is Pointless material, but it actually does have some info, even if it isn't all too important.

MoC SectionEdit

Too late MT <_<

The 2nd MT SectionEdit

Nao look what you've done.

The Anon Section Edit

Wow I'm late

MoC's second sectionEdit

Better late than never.

Shadrahk's sectionEdit

I just wanted to see some boobies.

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