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Sonu Nova, generally known as Sonu, is a person, a BZP and BZPC member, and deputy of the Toa Zehvor.

Early Years and Anonymity Edit

After several years being spent as a guest, and several failed register attempts, Sonu joined BZPower under the name of "Sonu- the Toa of White Fire." He generally was unheard of on the forum, and spent most of his early weeks on BZP browsing Sets and Collectibles.

Sonu, amazingly, also "spammed," although he claims he does not remember having spammed. After this incident, Sonu tried as hard as humanly possible to follow the rules.


Sonu somehow wound up in the Comedies forum around 5 weeks after joining, and there discovered a comedy written by MT, The Bionicles Try To Run A House. Sonu was quickly sucked in, and in Chapter 54, was added as a GS. MT and Sonu got into a "heated argument" about various things a few chapters later, but quickly reconciled, and now have become close friends, as shown by Sonu's promotion to deputy of his Toa team.

During this time, MT also had a contest in the comedy for GS Leader. Sonu was narrowly voted in as leader, after a partnership with Hovoki involving voting for each other was ended by MisterMatoro.

Sonu continued to closely follow TBTTRAH aside from two temporarly leaves of absence from BZP, until it was closed.

Aftermath and Vundas Edit

After TBTTRAH closed, MT started brief comedies on other forums, but eventually posted a new comedy on BZPower, Aftermath, which continued the TBTTRAH saga. He also began an epic, TBTTRAH: Vundas, which Sonu appears the only member to be regularly reviewing.

MOCing Edit

About a month after joining, Sonu posted a group of Inika/Piraka builds in the BBC forum, after "gathering up the courage" to do so. It was not well-recieved, and Sonu vowed not to post more MOCs.

Sonu eventually broke that vow a year and a half later, when he posted another triple group of MOCs, which in his opinion were "pretty good." Despite his thoughts, these MOCs were not seen as good on BZP, although on other forums they were praised.

Sonu decided to try one more time, posting a 2008-themed MOC labeled the Sonyk T7, a Matoran-sized vehicle whose main purpose was to "pwn Vultraz's flying stick." This MOC recieved extremely good reviews, with no complaints besides the fact that the Matoran could be beheaded by the "windshield."

Sonu then posted a set of Rahkshi dragons with riders, with the only major complaint being over-consistency. Sometime after this MOC, Sonu went on a MOCing spree, making new MOCs almost every night (which normally lasted past midnight), and posting them the next day. The Toa Tora recieved good reviews, as did the Spec-Ops Toa, with even requests for instructions for the mask.


On , Sonu recieved a PM from MT asking him to come to a chat room. Sonu clicked the link, and joined the BZPC. He has stayed with the BZPC since then, and has endured many counts of being tormented by Mesonak eating his eyes, leading to the name ~Tasty Eyes~. Sonu is famous on the chat room for having an inhumanly annoying brother by the name of Nava, and for his trademark "...", which has gotten him the "Kanohi of Ellipses." A typo on the part of Jahls also led to the creation of Sonuts, donuts made out of awesomeness and pure win. Or donuts made out of Sonu. Whichever one tastes better.

Sonu was also present during Venom's bout of insanity leading to promotion of all present members to ownership and back, although he was brb and so missed the whole episode, including his promotion. When told, he said, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHT"

On December 14, Venom reset the chat due to popular demand, and "votes" were cast for mods and admins. Sonu was almost immediately chosen by a few people, and was made a mod by Ven. During the owner voting, Sonu was chosen-AGAIN-by a few, and was promoted to owner. When he figured this out, he immediately started hugging the little orange person next to his name.

The Shattering Edit

Sonu missed the whole thing and so had no clue what was going on when he went to the BZPC. He was redirected to BZPC 2 and lived happily ever after.

Sonu also joined the Galactic Federation at this point and sent a message to Samus. Unfortunately, all he could say was "..." [1] so the conversation didn't go well. He was soon replaced by a more efficient machine.

MOCs Edit

Toa Tora

Sonu Nova
Joined BZP: September 22, 2007
Resides in: BZPC, BZPC Wiki, BZPower, Facebook
Also known as: Sonu, ~Got Sonuts?~, ~Tasty Eyes~, Two Banshee Nubs
MOCs: Spec-Ops Toa, Sonu, Nava, Waser, Pharys, Zar, Katoa, Rahkshi Dragons
Joined Zehvor in: Whenever.
Talents MoCing, eating Yami, not being stupid.

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