Shadok is a "natural" Shadow Toa. He has the element of shadow, but not the evil with comes with it (although his morals are looser than most toa). Despite being a toa from a lesser isle, he has trained himself to use any weapon he comes across and knows exactly how to use his element. He has recieved mind training from the Order, before being banished to the pit for killing his teacher (motives unknown). Also amphibious due to pit water, although its unknown why he didn't lose his lungs.

Mask: Kirinon (Shaped like a Kakama in memory of a hero)

Mask power: Elemental shapeshifting. Allows the user to turn into their element at will. Can also reform the element into other objects, such as a weapon in emergences.

Helmet Piece: Titanslayer headpiece

Chest Piece: Titanslayer Chestplate

Belt: Visorak tooth Belt

Shoulder Piece: Vahki fragments

Leg and Arm pads: Toa Armour

Feet: Toa boots

Weapon: Ancient vahki Staff, Sword of wisdom and Snipershot zamor Launcher

Element: Shadow (Also fluent in reversing Shadow to create light)

Inventory: Dead dude's arm