Pointless Page is Pointless refers to a new wiki page that had been created with no point whatsoever other then to annoy people or seem funny.

What makes a Pointless Page?Edit

There are differences between a pointless page, and a humorous page, so how exactly can we tell?

A pointless page will normally have a misleading title, so when you click it expecting a long page about the subject you will be greeted with a short message, either a Rick-Roll or a form of an insult.

Our biggest example would be the halp page that is shown in our navigation tab (this page was recently fixed and is no longer considered a pointless page).

Staff ActionEdit

Pointless pages are highly frowned upon on BZPC, and will be deleted if seen by an Admin and will be cleaned by any members, meaning they will either fix the page to make it worth looking through, or will just take out all text within the page.

Screw that, I LOVE POINTLESS PAGES --Venom 08:42, March 21, 2010 (UTC)