"(MT) wants to seem superior somehow because he likes bigoted harassment and juvenile attacks on a dying forum."

"Yeah that MT guy sucks I really hate him.''

-Lunacy and MT, on the former's tumblr blog

"MT Zehvor is on thin ice here, and it's odd..." was a tumblr blog post created by "Lunacy of Lego Man Values" after MT posted in a BZP topic claiming that Shadrahk, and then Crackjag, and then Shadrahk again, was one of BZP's greatest members. The post accused him of trying to be "edgy" and enjoying harassment of people somehow (who knows how this even works).

The post became popular reference material among BZPC members. Later on, Mesonak and MT reenacted this post in a BZP contest to determine Hapori Tofu's official avatar and banner.

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