The Legend of Alena's Hat was a saga that took the BZP world by storm in the summer of 2013. It resulted into multiple flame wars, an invasion of BZPC, the disqualification of two comics from a competition (and eventual re-qualification), and the eventual banning of Shadrahk from BZP.


The Legend of Alena's Hat began when Alena mailed Eljay a hat as a gift for a special occasion. Later on, Eljay posted a comic for BZP's "Titans vs. Monsters" competition, incorporating the hat he was sent as a plot device. The hat, according to Eljay, was rather "girly," and so the joke in the comic was that Eljay didn't want to wear a girly hat. This enraged the Artwork 3 population, particularly the people behind the "Bionicle Adventure Comics" series, who accused Eljay of being transphobic and denouncing men who wear women's clothes as weird. The argument spilled over into the voting topic, much to the BZPower's staff's chagrin, where Eljay's comic went up against a BAC co-author's comic. Eventually, the argument became so heated, that the BZP staff disqualified both comics (although later re-qualified BAC, which went on to lose to a story written by GSR).

Tumblr's Response & The Invasion of BZPCEdit

The tumblr crowd was perhaps most incensed by Eljay's comic, posting a series of "arguments" denouncing it. Shadrahk then did some stuff and got banned. Later on, a group of people from the tumblr crowd attempted to invade BZPC and incite a flame war, but were swiftly banned. A few other people visited later on and attempted to debate rationally, eventually, one such person succeeded and a cease fire of sorts was agreed to.


  • This saga was part of the inspiration for BZPC Doodle Comix
  • Alena's Hat was later referenced in Bionicle Mafia XIII: Tower of Trepidation by MT, when he put Alena's Hat as a suspect in a joke lynching. Alena's Hat was hung at the end of the lynching, with the title "unintentional rabble rouser" given to it.

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