Kodan Is a member.


Former Xat BZPC Main Owner, Former Admin, Former Moderator, Currently Member
Joined BZP: March 12th 2007
Joined BZPC Late 2008
Resides in: BZPC, BZPC Wiki, BZPower, Iscribble.Net
Current Comic Series: Real Live Comic makers
Current Status Member
Talents Comic Making, Spriting(To Some Extent), Making Member's Avatars
File:NDS BZPC TheGame.png

Early Stuff Edit

Kodan is a BZPower member who created the first Xat BZPC months after the founding of the very first BZPC created by Venom hosted by the Gabbly chat hosting site. Venom soon moved everybody to his chat seeing as it had more features than Gabbly. Though problems began to erupt, and soon causing Venom to want and start a new BZPC.

Nowadays... Edit

However, now that that is all behind us (and especially Kodan himself), he has gone through a series of trends along with the BZPC community, being an instrumental part of forming the group Real Live Comic Makers. He frequents the BZPC chatgroup, though not as much as he once did (good for him!). He is probably more akin to a member of the Chatroom BZPurgatory. He currently sprites, creates random graphics, and is generally very more mature than the majority of BZPC's members.

Trivia Edit

(Okay, if you're gonna whine like little kids about, don't edit this, just hit the back button and leave.)

  • He is 18. (Seriously, who really cares? Whiny little 15 year-olds with no life?)
  • He often comes on, but doesn't talk.
  • After Venom began the very first BZPC on Gabbly, Kodan created a new chat on Xat in which everyone moved to, soon being abandoned after Venom somehow made his more popular.
  • He's made most of the n00bs avatars
  • He uses old ideas for humor
  • He has no story creativity
  • He has some Art creativity
  • He wishes he was an Admin
  • Or even a Moderator
  • Guess bein' a member will have to do.
  • People keep confusing him as the very first person to start the BZPC because of his xat chat, although it was actually Venom.
  • He likes Pokémon. Alot.

Qoutes Edit

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