Jedibot Still Banned Saga (usually called Jed Still Banned Saga or JSBS) Is the series of events, known as seasons, depicting the times of JediBot as he is banned after the BZPC Reset. Much of what happens is unknown, except for Season 3. Season 4 has not been released yet, and the producers and Staff of JSBS don't want to screen and edit yet.

Season 1Edit

JSBS was not known much at all during Season 1, and was usually regarded as "olook itza banny" when a banned person popped up on the site. This happened for weeks until Venom unbanned him. Then very soon after Invictus brought him to justice with the previous screen that got him banned again. And so ends Season 1.

Season 2Edit

Gavla unbanned him and it caused a day's worth of commotion. The events in season 2 made Gavla want to forfeit his ownership, and Varderan replaced him, but Gavla never truly stepped down as administrator of BZPC.

Season 3Edit

Season 3 of JSBS Was another day's worth of commotion. It began with a warning from TMOAG to Invictus of Jed's plan to sneak back into BZPC. TMOAG provided screens to him regarding JediBot and Jahli's plan to bring him back in, but Invictus intercepted and foiled their plans, on the BZPC and on Minions of the Brain, where Jedibot was hiding. JediBot was even confronted by Venom, with a last and clear message:

"We all know the answer for that. He will not. THE END."

Ironically, even after he was caught trying to get JediBot into BZPC, he was promoted to admin.

Season 4: Possibly?Edit

Here shows that JediBot tried to get the now-admin Jahli once again to unban him.

Season 5: The Failed RevolutionEdit

Season 5 happened when Jed was mad that there was a rule on swearing and tried to incite a revolution against my rule. Invictus took action by permabanning Jed until he dropped the revolution, and soon enough it was over. Jed had set up and chat and all that other stuff. No one really but Jed was really active in this 'revolution'. Invictus had never considered it a revolution and for some reason that made Jed angry.

Season 6: Forever AloneEdit

In mid-June Jed was "trolling", and got permabanned from HiPor and BZPC. He was raging at Invictus at 2 in the morning about his permaban and thought Invictus would just unban him because he didn't like Venom's actions. Invictus didn't really care this late at night, and was lol'ing with Venom, Mesonak and Eljay the whole time. He refused to confront Ven or Meso at all.