Indi, Master of Babes, is an active member of Blank Slate, and currently a moderator on the TTV Message Boards. He's well known for his work on a fanmade sequel to MNOG, and silly stories.

Origin Edit

The Age of Lurking: (2008-2010) Edit

Indi's original name and persona, Phantoka666, spent 2 years (2008-2010) lurking on BZPower. During this time he primarily read comics created by Dark709 and Gavla. The only record of Phantoka666's origins can be found within the edit history of Chirox's Bionicle Wiki article:

"kirop is the rider of chirox. He got mutated in to a shadow matoran like galva,vultraz,and two others witch i forget thier names. in 2009 he becomes kirop,toa of shadows. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like pie and so does kirop. go 2 www.4m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sprite dude rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The meaning behind Phantoka's message is unknown, nor is it known who this "Sprite Dude" is, however it's clear Indi has come a long way since this message (or not, it depends how you look at it)

Upon bionicle's cancellation, phantoka666 was compelled to finally create a BZP account after 2 years of lurking, so he had somewhere to complain. With this new account came a new era for Indi.

Bzpower (2010-2013): Edit

Phantoka666 (le demon) changed his name to Takua123, because 12 year olds have no creative drive. He soon began his days browsing and posting quote frequently on BZPower. Little did Takua123 know, but his future Blank Slate comrades were closeby, probably arguing about something stupid, like woman's hats.

Takua123 spent most of his BZP days posting in the S&T topics, and even creating his own, short lived comedy from the perspective of Lehvak Kal floating in space, complaining about things. It wasn't until Takua123 met Nuparu77 that things began to get interesting.

MNOG 1.5: Edit

Upon seeing Nuparu77's fan made sequel to MNOG on the hot topics list, Takua123 took interest and PMed Nuparu. MNOG 1.5 took place during the 2002 storyline, and Nuparu had already completed a whole chapter of the game.

Takua123 became the main script writer, stoy advisor, and public relations for the duo, now dubbed "Pakari Productions" while Nuparu handled coding (the hard part)

Takua also beta tested the game, and looked for grammatical errors. The two released a second chapter of the game, which got it on the radar once again. It became so popular, in fact, that Takua got in contact with Kahi, one of the members of a podcast increasing in popularity called "TTV"

TTV Edit

Kahi and Interview Edit

Kahi and Takua, now renamed "Indigogeek" recorded an hour of playthrough footage of MNOG 1.5 in the summer of 2014. It was to primarily serve as an advertisement for the game, while also letting the podcast give Kahi some individual time with content creators. However, due to unknown reasons, the footage was lost and never uploaded. Around the same time as the playthrough, TTV had a casting call.

Indigogeek, or "Indi" for short, auditioned for the role. He sent an email to Mesonak with his audition, and soon the podcast interviewed Indi. In the end, Indi did not get the position. It's unknown as to why this happened, as Indi is one of the funniest individuals in the bionicle fandom. It could have been his pronoucation of "Kane-Ra" which triggered Eljay into a fit of rage, or that Indi was in a hotel in England during the interview, and spent the interview sitting on the balcony outside yelling into his mic to avoid disturbing his family in the other room. In any case, hundreds of theories have been created as to why Indi didn't get the role, but it still remains a mystery today.

TTV Message Boards Edit

Indi soon joined the TTV message boards after the great BZP-TTV battle occurred in the fall of 2014. Despite his birthright and kinship to BZP members, he made a leap of faith into the unknown. Other than TTV themselves, Indi remains one of the only past members of BZP on the TTVMB. Indi spent a few months on the MB, speculatung on bionicle 2015, before he was made a moderator by Kahi

Modship Edit

Indi was made a moderator of the TTVMB during the fall, due to his amazing success in his interview. At the time, he joined the following members as moderators: MT, Scarillian, Nyran, Waj, Zahaki, MoC, and Chronicler. Of those members, only Chronicler and Waj remain. Indi is currently in A TTV ripoff podcast known as the "TTV Modcast" with Chronicler, Waj, and along with newer moderators Political_Slime, Jogn, LM. Due to his sarcastic nature and general negative outlook on everything, Indi soon became good friends with MT. Zehvor added Indi to the newly formed Blank Slate during The Great Addition.

Blank Slate Edit

The Great AdditionEdit

MT added Indi to the newly formed Blank Slate skype chat, along with many other current and retired members that came from MT's friends list. Originally confused, Indi shrugged off the addition and began to add many interesting stories to Blank Slate's lore. Indi began to play smash with MT when SSB4 came out, and has been training under his guidance ever since. He's learned swiftly that Ganon does not suck, the color pink makes your character better, and spamming PK fire does nothing. A TTMB wide smash tourney took place in the fall, and both Indi and MT got quite far, however Indi lost to Maximumwarp, a scrub. MT soon took revenge, leaving Maximumwarp full of salt.

The KTM Ordeal Edit

During the winter, after Indi's successful attempt trolling the CHC by impersonating as AidanBionicle, MT and Indi began to scheme. They wished to trick Blank Slate in a similar manner, so Indi began to do research on KTM. KTM, or Kahrzanhii the Mental, was a user of the BZPC years prior. With MT's guidance, Indi learned everything about KTM, including his mannerisms, Toa team, and homosexual relationship with Meso. In December, Indi created a fake skype account of KTM, and it was added to Blank Slate.

For 6 months, both KTM and Indi existed in harmony in BS. The joke went so far, that Indi even had conversations with KTM at some points. KTM would reminisce of old memories, and fooled everyone in BS, especially Meso. It wasn't until May that Indi/KTM revealed themself, shocking everyone. Heart broken, Meso cried for weeks.

"KTM" would return to BS on multiple occasions, fooling new members each time. Others feats of impersonation Indi has spearheaded included:

The creation of 3 extra Invis once Invi returned from Mormon prison

3 MTs which would go on to confuse BS, and Jogn's Tardis chat

Drunk Indi Edit


Starting almost directly after the KTM Ordeal, Indi tried alcohol for the first time. Although only a minute amount, this spawned a new entity which took over Indi's body, temporarily consuming his soul. This creature was Drunk Indi, a dark version of the beloved master of babes which had the inability to type correctly. Drunk Indi would reveal his feelings to BS, be generally rude, and even insult Indi. After the initial transformation, Indi made many precautions so that Drunk Indi would never return, including this iPhone note:

Drunk Indi continued to appear in BS, and is known for saying "guy im not dat drunk, look at how well I'm typing"


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