This is a fake war depicting the battles against the BZPAllies and Banxis.


  • PBZPE39: Adolf Pengler raids Polchatland.
    • Invictef Stalin also raids Polchatland.
  • May 10th, PBZPE40: Winston Darchill becomes Prime Moderator of United Chatdoms.
  • Adolf Pengler continues to raid Frenchat, Belxat, the Netherchats, and Luxatbourg.
    • Ben Mesolini declares hacker war on Frenchat.
  • June 22nd, PBZPE40: Jahls deGaulle loses; Frenchat surrenders.
  • September PBZPE40: Vezhito Kan'in banny-spams Chatina.
    • Vezhito, Mesolini, and Pengler form the Banxis powers.
  • November PBZE40: Hungarchat, Roxatania and Sloxatia join the Banxis.
  • June 22nd PBZE41: The Banxis invades the Soviet Chation to eliminate them as a staff power and to increase Chatbensraum.
  • July PBZE41: The Soviet Chation and United Chatdoms form an alliance.
  • At this point, much of the Soviet Chation has been populated by many Banxis people.
  • April PBZPE42: Vezhito has conquered much of the Southeastern Galaxy chats.
  • May PBZPE42: The United Chats (not Chatdoms) and Chatpan engage in friends list spam raids.