"Exactly the opposite of what I wanted. -3/13"

BZPC Doodle Comix is a grate thing created by MT. It is the best comix on BZPower. It is primarily made in Doodle.

The QQQQ and Dariux are co-authors.


BZPC Doodle Comix were suggested as a joke by MT after the saga of the Legend of Alena's Hat had run its course. The comics were meant as a parody to Bionicle Adventure Comics, a series of comics made by the ICC that people took really seriously. MT eventually followed through with his joke at the encouragement of Dar, posting it on BZP in August of 2013. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the same ICCers responsible for BAC completely missed the fact that it was a parody, criticizing the series on tumblr and on BZP, and claiming that it was "utter shit."

The comics continued for a while until BZPC went silent again. A revival is planned for the 2014 BZPC Summer Reunion.