The Admin Power Restraint Committee (APRC) is a body of three members from Blank Slate, who serve as a check on the administrator's power in the case of a sole head admin. It was created after Starparu left Blank Slate.

Procedure Edit

If a member feels that they were removed from the chat without sufficient cause, that a newly implemented rule is unfair, or that the head admin has otherwise abused his power in some way, they can appeal to the APRC. After both the member and the administrator present their cases, the APRC will deliberate and each member will cast a vote. A simple majority is enough to decide an appeal. In the case of a tie, the admin's decision will stand.

Procedure for hearing an appeal should generally follow this format. One member of the APRC should create a chat, and then add the other members, along with the appealing member and the admin in question. The two sides will then present their cases, with the APRC serving as mediators. After both sides are finished or the APRC determines there is no need for further debate, the admin and appealing member are to be removed from the chat. At this point, the APRC can choose to discuss the issue among themselves if they so wish. After this, they will each cast their votes, and then only afterwards make their decision known on Blank Slate.

Member Selection Edit

I'll let you know when we select some members.