Archon has prophesied that something will happen on 11/05/2010. Nobody knows. Few have predicted that there will be destruction, and many of the Spaegfrefrerwrs and minions of the Brain will survive. Archon also prophesied Tenebrae Invictus will survive along with Lecro, though we're not sure about Venom, but Venom assures us he will survive.

MT SectionEdit

MT thinks the whole thing is completely stupid, so don't expect him to survive if something does happen.

QQQQ SectionEdit

The QQQQ also thinks it's dumm.

Dariux Section Edit

Dariux thinks Archon has watched too much V for Vendetta and needs to take his Guy Fawkes mask off. (But Hopes He Survives Regardless)

MoC Section Edit

MoC highly doubts that what Archon predicts will come true

Mesonak SectionEdit

Mesonak doesn't care what happens, but will laugh at it regardless.

Arby Section Edit

It is prophesized that Arby will become even stupider than before on this date, which will make every other survivor kill him from his stupidity

Sonu Section Edit


Kodan Section Edit

What the hell...?

Varderan SectionEdit

Varderan honestly think Archon has gone mental.....Varderan is also hungry.

Decoding Edit

Invictus talked with Archon on Facebook on 1/07/2010 and Archon revealed more clues, such as "Venom survives", "Watch V for Vendetta" and "Hapori Tohu". This leads to assuming Archon or someone else will be hosting an uprising and hacking against BZPC, but more likely BZP because Venom survives.

What Archon really meantEdit

Because Bionicle ended, Archon is going to blow up the LEGO Factory.

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